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Best Overall Credit Cards

• The recent monitoring of credit card online applications will help you find the best card.

• These credit cards will offer you different advantages: 0 apr for the intro period, low interest rate following, no fees. You may also get a credit card with longer grace period, cash back and other rewards.

• We tried our best to offer you this online credit card application guide. However, if you want learn more about any offer just click on the credit card's name. You may email us for help as well.
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Cars and Credit Reports

You`re probably not going to like the best solution but it is anyway: pay for the car in full! If you saved the car payment every month in a good money market account; you will save both time and money. Read more...

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Featured Articles
Credit card interest rate

The best way to save your money is to lower your credit card`s interest rate. As we all know - the gold credit card rule sais: low interest rates are always better than high interest rates. Read more...

Choosing Student Credit Card

Credit card terms and conditions vary among different issuers. While shopping for credit card online, think about how you are going to use it. You expect to pay the bills in full every month, or you plan to pay the balance over time? Consider card`s Interest Rate, Finance Charges, Annual Fee, Grace Period for purchases, balance calculation method, etc. Read more...

Should I cancel my unused credit cards?

Should I cancel my unused credit cards? This is qustin many people sk thmslvs nd srhing for right nswr. If u r one mng thm this mrhnsiv guid will help u hw ur unused credit cards n affect ur credit scoring nd sm tis t b knwn before u cancel ur unused credit cards.

Thugh hving one or mr credit cards with u is n s way t get sm money urgntl, remember ur unused credit card n affect ur credit scoring. Many people r nt wr f this ft tht their unused credit card will dvrsl affect their credit score. Closing ur unused card will nt wi ut ur st credit histr with th unt but it will help u t rdu ur n credit. But before u cancel ur unused credit cards make sur tht u r ging t cancel th cards whih u think u dn't wnt nmr. Thr r several ls wh usd t cancel their credit cards just t increase thr current credit score. But remember tht ding s won't increase ur credit score. Tht is it is nt good id t cancel ur unused credit cards just s shrt trm strtg t increase ur credit rting.

Before u tk disin f whether t us ur credit card or t cancel ur unused credit card make thrugh stud tht u won't nd th credit card t ltr stg in ur lif. Tht is, make urslf clear why r tring t get rid f credit card. Th nxt st is t check whether thr is n balance t b paid for th credit card u r about t cancel. Dn't try t cancel ur credit card whil u r ing th balance. Cancel th credit card after u hv mltl paid th balance munts. Get f ur current credit rrt nd make it clear if ur credit card is mking n rblm t ur credit scoring. If nt, thn why bthring about canceling ur unused credit card.

Thr r ls several advantages f keeping credit card with u. Tht is keeping credit card will b n ddd advantages whn u r ling for vhil ln or mrtgg. It is sn tht mst money lndrs tnd t check hw muh u w mrd with ur mximum available credit. S if u think tht u n us ur credit card in sm frm or thr it is dvisbl nt t cancel ur available credit card. Try t mng ur credit card in good way. After ll, b canceling ur available credit card u r closing ur dr for n available munt f credit.
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