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Reward Credit Cards - Frequent Flyer Cards

• Credit cards with rewards are very popular among consumers. Spending credit money you earn pints, miles or cash back rewards.

• Here you can find online applications for reward credit cards with low interest rate and no fees. We selected cards by rewards for you: points, cash back, miles, gas cards, hotel rewards.

• If you would like to learn more about any particular reward credit card click on it's name. You may email us for help as well.
Featured Article:
Low APR Credit Cards Have Many Advantages

If a credit card is used wisely it turns to be very beneficial to it`s owner. A low apr credit card is beneficial. Many people use one and the same credit card for years. There are credit card users who have their very first credit card and never thought to ask issuing banks to lower rate. Read more...

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Apply for Miles by Discover ® Card
Discover Card
Miles by Discover® Card

0% 6 months 0% 6 months 10.99%

• 0% Intro APR on Purchases and Balance Transfers for 6 months.
• No Annual Fee.
• 12,000 Bonus Miles - 1,000 Miles each month you make a purchase for the first 12 months.
• Double Miles on up to $3,000 in travel and restaurant purchases each year.
• Book any travel, anytime with no blackout dates or restrictions.
• 1 Mile for every $1 on all your other purchases - personal and business.
• Choose a travel credit to your account or cash starting at just 5,000 Miles, gift cards from over 80 brand-name Partners.
• Online Account Access.
Apply Now!
Review of Miles by Discover ® Card
Purch.--Purchases Bal.Tr.--Balance Transfers n/a--Not Applicable

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2 or 3 credit cards
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Featured Articles
Credit Score - The FICO Score

Your credit score is a value that shows an estimation of creditworthiness calculated according to special statistical models. A credit score quantifies the possibility that a borrower will fail to pay a loan or credit card debt. Credit score is based on the information in your credit report. Read more...

Filing a Credit Complain

First of all try to solve your complaint directly with the creditor or credit card issuing bank. If you are not able solve the problem, you better file a written complaint with federal agencies responsible for consumer credit protection laws involved. Read more...

Hw t Cmr Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Travel rewards credit cards r ls rfrrd t s irlin credit cards. Card hldrs with ths ts f credit cards earn travel miles whnvr th us their credit cards t mk mnts.

Lik ll thr credit cards, n siz ds nt fit ll whn it ms t travel rewards credit cards. T get th mst bnfit frm suh card, th ustmr needs t get th bst card for their wn needs.

Comparing travel rewards credit cards is littl bit diffrnt thn comparing cards lthugh sm f th bnhmrks rmin th sm. Th first thing tht needs t b xmind is hw often u travel. A rsn who trvls often nd thrfr trk up travel miles quikl may t for card with high rdmtin points. Rmmbr tht cards milg wrds n xir nd if u hv t wit for n xtndd period t earn points, u may well end up lsing out.

Whil th interest rt, tht is, APR is imrtnt, if u r th t f rdhldr tht lrs ur blns t th end f h billing l, this bms lss signifint. Hwvr, th card hldr who lws rris bln frwrd or inurs lt hrgs, needs t b nrnd with th APR whn slting credit card. Sm travel rewards cards strt out ffring 0 APR or lw APR, but gnrll this is just for slt period. Whn comparing interest rates look t th rates ftr th introductory period nd ask if th r fixd or vribl.

Chk th travel rewards ginst ur annual fees s well. If u high annual f nd riv miniml rewards u may wnt t rnsidr using tht rtiulr card. Als, card n inur n fees for n introductory period nl, but tht period hs ssd u will s fees bing tthd. S look for or ask for dtils n this.
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