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Secured Credit Card

• Good credit history can give you many favorable credit card offers. If you have bad or no credit history, you can still improve it with secured credit cards that we have specially selected for you.

• We have some tips that can help you improve your credit score and apply for better credit cards with low interest rate, good credit line, reward programs, etc. You can find it here.

• We did our best in monitoring credit card market and selected credit cards that will help you improve your credit history If you would like to have more information about any offer just click credit card name. You may email us for help as wells.
Featured Article:
Prepaid Credit Card

Prepaid credit card is ideal for those who are unemployed or have bad credit to apply for unsecured credit card. It is also an excellent option for individuals who try to control their spendings and prevent getting into credit card debt. Read more...

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Apply for Secured MasterCard ®
Orchard Bank
Secured MasterCard®

none none none none 14.9% $35
• Reports to all 3 credit bureaus monthly, which can help improve your credit score
• Free Online 24-hour Account Access and Bill Pay
• Complete your application, including your security deposit, online
• Set your own credit limit
Apply Now!
Review of Secured MasterCard ®
Apply for Secured Platinum Visa ® or Mastercard ®
New Millennium Bank
Secured Platinum Visa® or Mastercard®

none none none none 19.5%

• Guaranteed issue
• Complimentary online services for account management and payments
• No credit check
• Be approved regardless of income or credit history
• Reports to the three major credit bureaus
Apply Now!
Review of Secured Platinum Visa ® or Mastercard ®
Purch.--Purchases Bal.Tr.--Balance Transfers n/a--Not Applicable

Use this option to compare
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Your Credit Report Your Credit Score

Featured Articles
Credit Repair - Credit Counseling

Companies offering credit repair services appeal to consumers with bad credit history. Credit repair services help credit card-holders who have bad credit to improve their credit ratings for a fee. The fact is, and what all credit repair services fail to tell you, is that you can do it yourself. Read more...

Credit Reports

There are three valid and equally important reasons for keeping tabs on your credit report. 1 know your financial situation; 2 check it for mistakes; 3 prevent your id theft. Read more...

5 Tis for finding th Bst Bad Credit Credit Cards

Whn you r looking for credit card nd do nt hv n xllnt credit rrt thr is hl out thr for you t gt credit card tht you dsrv. Thr r fw different credit card companies out thr tht r will t give line f credit t ths tht hs lss thn rft credit.

With these credit card companies, you r going t see tht you r going t nd t pay n nnul f nd even highr intrst rts with their credit cards. One dvntg is tht if you r paying ur bill vr mnth nd ssibl paying it ff mnthl you hv th hn t receive credit limit inrs whn th do their unt rviws. Whn you r looking into sm f th traditional credit card companies, th may sk you for co-signer. If th do this, you may want t lk for someone tht you trust nd someone tht trust you s wll. All th co-signer is for is surit blnkt s tht if you do nt pay ur bill fithfull th r going t b able t turn t th co-signer for th mnt ndd.

One thr way t find credit card for ns with bad credit is t check into th prepaid credit cards. These r cards tht you set th snding limit b dsiting rtin munt onto th credit card nd tht is going t b you set limit t snd. Th prepaid credit cards will nt hv th tin t give you credit limit inrss unlss you wr t dsit mr mn onto th card urslf.

You may even want t hkut sm f th local department stores or gs sttin t check n riving credit card from thm. Th may nt give you lrg credit limit t first but thr r sm f th smllr department stores tht r going t b willing t give you littl credit bfr th lrgr credit card companies tht r out thr will.

You may even did t check in t ur local credit unin or bnk t see if th r able t give you credit card with line f credit n it. Tht is going t b one way t rbuild ur credit nd ssibl b able t receive traditional credit card from one f th mn different credit card companies tht r out thr.
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